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We are moving closer to our 17th January Silver Cup. The tournament is steeped in tradition and this one is looming as one of the biggest in the history of Silver Cups. A Pro division will be an addition to the tournament with South Australia, NSW, two Victorian teams and New Zealand confirming they will attend. The players of the winning team will receive a CCM Superfast stick ($299 RRP) and the goalie will receive a CCM goalie stick. The Pro division will be run from 22nd-25th January.

The Silver, Bronze and Tin divisions will be the same as previous Silver Cups with team composition as follows:
Silver - Teams are permitted a maximum of 3 Pro/PHL players in one game at a time. You can have as many listed on your team as you like but only 3 may play in one game together.

Bronze - Teams are permitted to have a maximum of 3 division 1 players in one game at a time. The same applies to your list as Pro division. No Pro/PHL players are permitted to play in Bronze Division.

Tin Division - Teams are permitted to have a maximum of 3 division 2 players in one game at a time. No division 1 players are permitted to play in Tin Division.

Team entry is $700. The tournament runs from 17th-25th January. Given the Pro tournament runs from 22nd-25th Jan it will difficult to accommodate games to teams just from Wednesday night onwards. You can still request it but it will depend on the reason and the time available to fit them in.

Posted by Ross Fisher on Sunday, 23 November, 2014 09:50 am

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